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When my husband, Richard, and I first began working this past summer on what we’re calling (for now, anyway) the “Cheyenne River Fine Art Project,” we knew it was going to be a long road for us and our good friend, contributing photographer Matt Normann. The first images were taken in August; we expect the last ones to be captured in September 2012. And not only do we need to capture Cheyenne River’s people and places in all four seasons, we’ll then have to sort through the images, work with the local teens on creative writing, choose final images and excerpts, design the book and pursue publication.

A long road indeed.

That’s why we’ve been thrilled to discover that our fledgling passion project is resonating with people in many places. We’ve gotten positive feedback from the Cheyenne River community, from former Cheyenne River Youth Project (CRYP) volunteers around the world and from publishing experts who feel we just might have found the right project at the right time.

We’ve also been getting media interest, and we’re excited to report that we’ve received our first piece of mainstream news coverage! On Sunday, December 4, the Rapid City Journal ran a wonderful article about our book project in its Features section and on its website. You can read the online article here:

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the Rapid City Journal for its support. This is very much a grassroots project, and it’s going to take many helping hands to spread the word.

To keep track of our progress as we work toward making our artistic vision a reality, visit our project website at and join our Facebook community at!